Still love you! Shocker!

Still love you! Shocker!

Still love you! Shocker!

Sorry for breaking up with you even though I still loved you, that was mean. I hate myself for it every day. I wish I didn’t cause you to cry and scream as I broke your heart and you told me that this is the worst you’ve ever hurt in your entire life, even worse than when your dad died. I wish you hadn’t said that. I haven’t stopped thinking about it and I don’t know if I ever will. I have dreams about you every night and they’re so so sweet. Such sweet innocent dreams consisting of holding hands and cuddling. Sweet kisses and long conversations. That’s what I miss the most about you. I love you Lily and I hope you heal.

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  1. 😝 4 months ago

    Why you left and hurt her if you love her? You are just making things completed for both of you. If she’s just your side chick she deserves someone better than you!

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