Piece of shit

Piece of shit

Piece of shit

Hi Narcissist!
You’re the biggest piece of shit. I wasted 3 years with you only for you to break up with me every other month and i foolishly waited around for you each time. After you broke up with me this last time 3-4 weeks ago – you’re already on Bumble searching for the next victim? The last 3-4 weeks you said the complete opposite. Fuck off. I hope you find the person willing to watch you stare at other women in front of her face, the one who you will let pay for every trip, the one who drives you around in their car, the one who thinks it’s ok to omit certain things, the one who you hide your phone from, the one who doesn’t care that you spend the night at a friends house where your ex is, the one who doesn’t care if you don’t wait in line with them when you’re going to the same place, the one who is ok with you saying you wished a straight guy would tell you your imprint is big ( yes this is a true story) the one who’s ok with no compliments, the one who’s never a priority and the one that is ok with your narcissistic ways.

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  1. Anon 1 year ago

    Go off gurl!! I feel your pain! I wrote a letter with a veryy similar title. LET IT ALL OUT!!!

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