So much in five days

So much in five days

So much in five days

We matched on hinge and you asked me a weird question about cleaning my ears, and I was curious about what was happening, I think when I first ever saw you, my heart melted from something that was in pain to something that was happy. I’ve never really been happy. Having you around made me really really happy. When we played uno and laughed the whole time, I think I knew you were going to be in my life for a long time, but I guess I was wrong. I just wish it didn’t end so quickly and you still didn’t have a single doubt about our compatibility after I told you about my trauma. But I guess we were just not meant to be. Even though I wished my hardest that we were.

I miss you babe. I really do. I go on your insta just to see you smiling in your Saturday shirt. I think i keep hoping you’ll show up at my door and kiss me. I don’t know why. That’d never happen. But yeah. I think it’s time to move on. But the opposite end of my street reminds me of you. Aquariums remind me of you. Squealing with happiness reminds me of you. A lot of things remind me of u and I think maybe you don’t feel the same and that doesn’t change things for me. But it does make it different because I thought you were the end to the pain in my life. But it only feels like the beginning and it almost feels like an end to my hope in actually finding love.

I think me having triggers and all this trauma makes me almost blame myself for not liking the things you do. I wish I could do anything to make you not confused but I don’t wanna do that. That’s not real love. Real love accepts people as they are. I don’t think you accepted me. And I don’t think I’d ever accept the things you like either. So we’re not a good match and I just have to deal with that reality. Thanks for actually being fun to hang out with and making me happy even temporarily. I liked it. I think it’s time to say bye.


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