Pipe dreams

Pipe dreams

Pipe dreams

It’s a pipe dream

I know now it’s a pipe dream. They don’t come back.
After 8 years of helping, growing, pushing myself, providing, owning and working on my evils and more (No I don’t claim I was perfect, but I understood we were building and growing)… it takes a month to get replaced by someone 10 years my younger… who has already proposed and the day is set the DAY AFTER my birthday….

Please just kill me.
I’m not even hung up on the old relationship…
I meant so little that i was left at my lowest, facing the hardest moments in my life. Outliving both my parents.

Honestly Catherine, I am stunned by you.
How much of this was a lie… Good Luck Andrew. You’re gonna need it man.

Good lord I’m done with ever giving away any part of my heart now. This is just disturbing.

Wonder if he knows about the maintainence man too. Or the coworkers you talk about on other sites.

Man, you won’t hear me or believe me… but just run man.


Good luck to you both.

I’m such an idiot who thought I was something to her. Dude run, I’m pretty sure you and I were in a pool of 5 to 8… and I’m pretty sure she cheated a half dozen times. She ultimately cut me off when I wouldn’t give her money. I. Sure her version is she ran from my attempt to control her or something.

Btw, the phone calls that night at the pool party around 4-8. That was me, the “toxic crazy ex” of 8 years trying to figure out if she had gotten black out drunk and was safe. Guessing you got some that night. Good job dude.

Oh and bud, ask her about Kyke or being a bottle girl or a sex line worker.

She tell you I helped raise W and V and their “dog sister” battles depression because we have to pretend we don’t exist now too. I ain’t no victim, but dude… run.

I have friends who will tell you the same. Ask about Ian, Ashanti, Brandon, and the rest.


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