My dear Zharen

My dear Zharen

My dear Zharen

I’m watching the movie you recommended and said you loved. A Man Called Otto, I’m sorry I took so long to watch it. I lied saying I watched it before but I watched it now because I miss you.

I know you don’t miss me anymore or will most likely never miss me especially since you hate me. I hope you’re doing well. He better be treating you right every day and all the time. I know I didn’t treat you right always and I’m sorry about that I feel like I took your love for granted.

I’m so grateful to have known you and I’m happy you exist. I’ll love you from afar from a safe distance without looking at your profile, pictures, or messages, I won’t message you ever again anything really. All I ever did was annoy you in our relationship, I’m sorry for everything.

I won’t send your friend money ever again. I’ll get the tattoo covered soon I want to respect you and your new partner. It feels weird having it if you are dating someone else. I’ll still love you and just want you to be happy even if it’s not with me. Your happiness matters more to me than my own. I know I said I don’t love you anymore I promise but I only said that so I can try to settle as friends again. I’ll always have love for you it’s unconditional.

I won’t bother you anymore I don’t like that you hate me i hate myself too. I wish you a happy healthy safe life take care always, Zharen. I hope only the best for you. i hope you and your family are happy and well I feel sad knowing that you were having a hard time and didn’t want to say anything but I respect why you didn’t. I’m so happy you’re happy now. I hope you get everything you want and more you deserve it. your dreams will come true.


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