Gone and soon to be forgotten

Gone and soon to be forgotten

Gone and soon to be forgotten

To Brooke,

It was a fairytale romance. We both put ourselves out there for one another and the moment you saw your ex (of 2 years ago ago) and fritzed out on me, left me hanging two hours away from home … well. Even my worst enemy wouldn’t do this to a person. No phone call, no nothing. I believe in karma and hope you get what you deserve. It took me four hours to get home that day and not even a message of sorry came through. I will never forget this, and you will never be forgiven. You have lost, I am already moving on with my life to find that special someone that deserves a caring heart.


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  1. R 10 years ago

    What a creep. Oh well, don’t worry friend. She will get hers some day.

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