You were a learning experience

You were a learning experience

You were a learning experience

LTME postWe dated for 3 years on and off and at the beginning everything was great but as time went on and mistakes happened things changed, it wasn’t the relationship I remembered it to be. Within those 3 years I had some of the best times of my life, I thought you were going to be my forever, I was so happy but after broken promises and lies I knew that the trust was no longer there and it was a waste of precious time.

Everyone always told us that we were made for each other and that they could see us down the road years from now married and happy. I learnt from that you can’t let people tell you how to live your life, it’s you own life and you need to make choices that are going to make you happy.

Do I miss you? Not really, I don’t miss sitting in my bed 24/7 because you wouldn’t let me go out and experience the best years of my life in college, I don’t miss not having any friends or being able to make new guy friends because you would think I was hooking up with every new guy friend I made, I don’t miss the way you treated me, and most of all I don’t miss my boring life. So here’s to living my own life and doing things I have always wanted to do.

Even though we only broke up 2 weeks ago I’m not sad and I’ve realized that its alright not to be upset, it just goes to show that I did make the right decision to leave you and my life is so much better because of it. Thank you for what our relationship taught me and the experiences we had. You will realize one day that our relationship was a learning curve and the only thing you can do is take what you learnt from it and apply it to whatever your life has in store for you.

Though everything I still wish for best for you and I hope you’re doing well.

An independent woman


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