Always remember to love like crazy

Always remember to love like crazy

Always remember to love like crazy

LTME-postYou’ve really been through a lot but sometimes the most painful things in life teach us the most valuable lessons. Love in the purest form is raw, and when you have something this raw – especially love – I believe it is the strongest force in the universe.

One day you will fall in love. Maybe without even realizing it, because things like that kinda just happen. You’ll spend day after day together. Time will go by and you’ll wake up one night thinking about them. Only to fall back asleep to the thought of their voice and the great times you share. Every cheesy love song will remind you of them, even if you only know a few of the words. You’ll find yourself cooking with them at 3AM, face timing all night long, and going on crazy adventures for hours.

Finding someone you can’t live without and someone who can’t go a day without you is the greatest feeling. Especially when you’re still young. Its like getting a sneak preview of what life might be like if you were to grow old with them. However, sometimes issues will arise. You’ll face challenges that make you think that you might be making a mistake. You get jealous and fight over who has control of the relationship. You start to feel insecure, as if you aren’t good enough or you start to second-guess yourself when you don’t believe where they are. You start to wonder what they might really be doing. Being young doesn’t make a relationship that much easier either. Especially living in this tech-savy generation.

However what you don’t take into account is that your significant other IS going to have friends that are guys/girls and YES those friends may be attractive. That does not mean that your self-worth or thought process needs change by any means. Do not make unreasonable expectations for yourself or your relationship. Go with the flow. Learn to love hard and truly fall for the person you first fell in love with. Every relationship will have struggles and it is truly what you do when faced with adversity that counts.

Believe me, there will be nights that you wake up and feel like something is missing. Panicked. You need to think about how their presence comforts you, and how their steady breathing calms you. What would happen if one day they were not there for you? Don’t ever take that person for granted. What I’m really trying to say, contrary to what happened to you is fall in love young and do not let go. If its meant to be, love will find a way.

Keep learning and growing with each-other. Take each obstacle one step at a time and better yourself and the relationship with each resolution. There is a saying: “if its broke, get a new one”. However I believe this is not always true. Learn that not everything is picture perfect, people make mistakes – especially when they’re young. If you adopt the mindset of patience; you will be much happier. You can learn to work out you problems in your relationship instead of running from them. Don’t break up simply because you fight too much or go looking for someone new just because you are mad. You are her king and she is your queen.

Lastly, never let them forget why you two fell in love in the first place. If they can’t remember or cant find that reason in their hearts, remind them and show them all over again. Walk slowly, hug tightly, and put your phone away for quality time. Never be afraid to show that person how much you care about them and always remember to love like crazy no matter what might happen. Raw emotions like passion and love have been the only things that can positively change the world. Never push away these emotions rather embrace them to make a difference in the world and follow your heart.


  1. Jane 7 years ago

    I love you Rebekah Fishpaw

  2. I’m you 1 year ago

    Forget about Rebekah lolol

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