LTME-postRemember how you told me that I was nothing but an easy, naive girl? How you said to me that she was the one who made you smile and carefree, and I was nothing to you? Remember how you made fun of me when I was in college, and you weren’t, yet flaunted your money in my face? You had feelings for me, however, you said that she was the one for you. So you married her quickly. Then she had kids, went in and out of jail, different fathers. While you sit there crying for her to change… Then drugs took her over. She divorced you and took everything. You’re still at that old job, huh. Fifteen years. You have nothing. You are financially broke, mentally and physically broken as well, due to this “dream girl” you married. I saw you a month ago. You sit there depressed all the time, you can’t move on because you still love her that much.

I can’t help to laugh at her recent mugshot pic, she looks hideous now. You try to email me about our past. But I got over you. How? I graduated college, I got a career, home, car, and I’m married to someone better than you. I know you’re jealous. I know you want me to be miserable, much like your ex wife said to me when she was with you. Hmm. I heard other things, but that’s another day.

I am a happier person in life now; I thank you so much for rejecting me ten years ago. I’m glad I never ended up with you as a boyfriend, and I hope you get better somehow… You have to be the change you want to be.


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