Not so forever eternal…

Not so forever eternal…

Not so forever eternal…

LTME-postI don’t even know if you’re my ex.
At this point, I don’t even know if we ever were…

The journey was so long. I was so sceptical in the beginning. 6 years, I spent loving you, on my own. Because you ran from me… The joy in my heart when I found you again. All the feelings just flooded. For me, and for you. Or at least that’s what you said.

I was always honest with you. I didn’t believe in anything when I re-met you. You MADE me believe, I DARED to believe for the first time in my life. You promised me everything, just as I did you… But.. You broke all your promises, while I still keep mine. God, how you’ve obliterated me.

Time eludes me.. Was it 3 months? Let’s say it was… So.. 2 months and a little more of being in heaven, to get abruptly cast down past hell where you let go of me and left me alone. I didn’t even deserve a good bye?

I want to hate you so badly. I want to curse the day that I re-met you. I want to erase that I ever invested all my love, commitment and devotion to you, but I can’t.

I love you. I always loved you. I will always love you. Even if you said, we’re a certainty, we’re meant to be. You wanted to marry me. You said I was your soul-mate. That I completed you. I was your universe, your happiness, your everything, your all.. The exact way that you STILL are to me.

After 6 years.. You can’t even give me a proper ending… You said you’d never hurt me.. Oh… You’ve done so much worse than hurting me…

Still… I love you, and my last breath will be your name..

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  1. Ronnie Kerfs 7 years ago

    Honestly the letters are really impressing. Yeah! Keep that shit real.

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