The two-faced liar that is my ex-girlfriend

The two-faced liar that is my ex-girlfriend

The two-faced liar that is my ex-girlfriend

LTME-postDear ex,

I don’t have any other way to tell you this, but since you don’t like to handle things face to face, I thought this was the most appropriate way to express my true feelings towards you. I hate you. I hate you with every inch of my soul. You are nothing but a fucking two-faced, sociopathic, pathological liar, who does nothing but manipulate other people for her own gain. You fucking suck the life out from other people and everything you touch withers and dies. You’re nothing but a heartless parasite that preys on other peoples kindness and generosity. I can’t believe that we ever went out. I’m so fucking stupid to ever fall for someone like you. When we first got together, you actually made me believe that I could actually be happy with someone else, you’re smile made me feel good inside. But now I realize that was all bullshit. Honestly, I don’t know what your intentions were when it came to me or our “relationship,” But I do know that you never had any honest or good intentions when it came to me. You never cared about me. You only care about yourself. You knew that I’d been hurt in the past, I told you that I had an ex that lied to me and left me to be with someone else. So when you lied to me and did what you did, what was going through your head? Did you even think about how this might eventually hurt me? Did you think that this was going to do damage to our relationship? The answer is: No. Why? Because of how easy it was to lie about your Mom being in a car accident in California. How easy it was for you to make up stories about how she was in the hospital and that members of your family flew in to see her. Stories about what the doctors were telling your family about your Mom’s condition. I believed you. I trusted you. I was sincere and sympathetic and I understood. I wanted to spend the 4th of July weekend with you, but you lied to me and ditched me just so you could fly out to California on your ex-fiancés private plane so you could “help out a friend.” Which was all bullshit too by the way. Then you come back and suddenly you have bought yourself a new car as well. You’re a fucking sick and twisted person for lying to somebody about that. “Oh, my friend told me to tell people that, because she didn’t want people to know about her situation in California. I didn’t see anything wrong with it, I saw it as helping a friend” Fuck you! I don’t know what kind fucking person would come up with something like that, but you’re a fucking 30 year old woman, grow the hell up! Any person with a shred a decency would know that is a fucked up thing to tell to someone, let alone their boyfriend. What are you in fucking junior high? I eventually found the truth through Facebook. But what was stupid of me to do was to text you immediately about it. I should of just waited for a few days to see if you were eventually going to come clean about it, but I don’t think you would of. You didn’t have the fucking guts to come clean and sort out the mess yourself, so you sent your “friend” to text me to explain the situation. Again, are you in fucking junior high? You can’t fight your own battles, so you send one of your friends. But it turned out that even though your “friend” owned her own phone, she just used her brother’s to text me with, doesn’t make fucking sense, but I assume that this “brother” was the person who I was talking to the entire time. You were probably fucking him as well, but I know I will never hear the truth from you. I should of broken up with you right there, but I was willing to work through whatever problems we had. Big mistake. After we had our fight, you treated me like I was nothing! You did nothing to try to repair the hole in our relationship, you were cold and distant, you didn’t want to have sex any more, you ghosted me, made me feel paranoid about you and what you were doing. It was emotionally and mentally exhausting to try and carry our relationship by myself. You selfish cunt. You were a shitty girlfriend as well as a shitty mom. The only reason you don’t want to care of your kids full time or have them live with you is just so you can go out with your friends all the time so you can drink and do drugs. Yeah, just wait and see how well your kids turn out to be. Every time I see you I feel like throwing up at the sight of you, I’m disgusted to be around you. You feel scared to be around me because I can say mean and rude things to you? Bullshit. You just don’t like that fact that you know that I know that you’re full of shit. If you want to do a huge favor for me: Drop fucking dead.


Your truthful ex.


  1. Jim 10 months ago

    Forget about her mate. Sent a similar email to an ex gf who said she wanted to be friends after the break up and then belitted me with passive aggressive txt replys knowing it would piss me off to start an argument so she could gaslight me to make me feel like I’m the bad person because she didn’t want to feel or look bad for changing her mind about being friends.

    Which she could of just been honest about instead of being a 2 faced back stabbing shitty person and treating me like a joke and getting her 3 kid slut friend with 3 baby daddies to tell her what to reply so she could get rid of me.

    Its was years of me thinking I was the arse hole and reason why she didn’t want to talk to me.

    After a bit of a break down and wanting closure I sent her a email calling her out and also apologizing for my behavior in the relationship. Her reply was that I’m pathetic and to get fuck over it already and move the fuck on for wanting to know if she was just pissed off with me or actually didn’t want to anything to do with me from the start.

    I got my answer…. I wish she could of been honest with me years ago instead of being 2 faced pretending to be friends but talking shit about me behind my back telling her friends and family how pathetic and treating me like a joke by showing and mocking the txt messages I sent her.

    I believe she might have a boarder line personality **she doesn’t really have a personality shes a co dependent sheep and doesn’t think for herself adopting her friends personalities.
    Either that or a covert narcissist.

    So my advice to anyone going through the same situation is to don’t waste your time and forget about ever trying to make an effort to keep in contact because she probably is a 2 faced lying back stabbing bitch who doesn’t give a fuck about you or your feelings.

  2. Juan math 7 months ago

    I felt every bit of emotion in this letter and want to let you know that you are not alone. The things they lie about and what they use as the excuse is purely disgusting. People like this need to get psychological therapy. They act this way because they never dealt with consequences for their own actions. These scum bags who do this to people will never win in the end . they will be alone, sad, broke, and hopeless. Theres only so many bridges to burn before the island is secluded from society. Live your best life and remember, you don’t need to steal and lie and cheat life just to stay afloat. She does. YOU WIN!

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