To the person who gets my ex boyfriend next

To the person who gets my ex boyfriend next

To the person who gets my ex boyfriend next

LTME-postI know you’re out there. I know you’re going to be perfect for him. You’ll be his best friend, his soul mate, his perfect match. But just heads up, I’m definitely going to stalk you when I first find out about you. But for now, some advice.

Good luck. I’m sorry. Enjoy.

Seriously, good luck. He can be a real pain in the ass sometimes. From the times where he wants you to hang with only him, to when he doesn’t like or get along with your friends. To when he comments on your outfits and doesn’t think you should be exposing that much for everyone else. To when he gets jealous and doesn’t trust the people around you. Good luck explaining over and over again to him that you’re safe, you’re smart, and can make your own decisions. He doesn’t like change. So try not to do that too much. Good luck dealing with his freak outs and depression. The kid won’t eat or sleep if he’s thinking about you. He’ll just run a marathon or do 100 push-ups until he can’t breathe anymore. Have fun dealing with someone who doesn’t like movies because he can’t sit still, when all you want to do is just cuddle up and relax. Try to shut your ears whenever he talks about school or money. Both conversations lead to him complaining. Never ends well. Ever.

I’m sorry. Our break up wasn’t mutual and he’s hurt. He’s taking it really hard, and completely on himself. It’s going to take a while for him to open up to you. Hey, it took a while for him to even open to me. He’s going to compare you to me in every way possible. Stick through it. I promise, you’re a better fit than me. He’s going to want to go back to our dates and he’ll have a hard time experiencing the same events with you. Just be there for him. That’s really what he needs right now. Get him to laugh and take him outdoors. That should help make some positive connections with you.

If I try to come crawling back, please don’t let him take me. Hang up the phone, delete my number. He’s like my safety blanket. When I’m scared or alone or just don’t know what to do, i know he’ll always be there for me. I know it’s not fair to him; i know it’s not fair to you. So please, do us all a favor and make him forget about me. Make his time better with you then it could ever have been with me.

Enjoy. Once he’s committed to you, he’s not letting go. He’s one of the most loving people I know. All he wants is just to be there for you and know that you want him there. Have fun going on adventures and having him convince you to go to the outskirts of your comfort zone. Listen to him talk about all your future plans and all his surprises for you. Hold his hand and just be happy you get him. Get ready for conversations that never end. Whether you talk a lot or not, there will never be a quiet moment between you two. He’s the perfect balance of a listener with comments to know he’s actually paying attention. Prepare for an amazing family. All the mom wants is a daughter to laugh with and shop for. She’s literally the perfect boyfriend mom to have. Go over for dinner or just to hang out with them. I promise you won’t regret it.

I just want you to know how lucky you are for starting this journey. It’ll be a hell of a ride, that I can guarantee. You’re about to share in so many memories filled with smiling, laughing, and crying. He’s worth it for you.

Just one last word of advice: if things turn out like they did for me, and you find yourself wanting to move on, please don’t hurt him like I did. Let him down gently and do it together. He can’t have two of me.

So again I repeat, good luck. I’m sorry. And enjoy. May the relationship ahead be the best time of your life.

I know you’re going to be amazing for him. I know his perfect match it out there. And if not, maybe it’s not such a bad thing. Because maybe, just maybe, I might come back because I still love him a little bit too.

A half heartbroken but happy ex girlfriend


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