Goodbye, well wishes

Goodbye, well wishes

Goodbye, well wishes

LTME-postI hate you for disappearing suddenly after giving me a hint that you love me I hate you everyday for misunderstanding me and I hate you for cheating on me and telling me lies about yourself I hate you for talking shit and saying things to me after seeing me happy I hate you because you came to my life again and now you disappeared I hate you every much I hate you for meeting me and not treating me in a proper way I hate you for going away after the meet and getting your friends like a coward fuck off from my life my memories and everything
Fuck off and never text me or call me again
I’m never gonna miss you ever
I hate you very much
Good bye sweetheart

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  1. Simi Esterhuizen 5 years ago

    I actually cried when I read this. It touched me. It really did.
    It felt as if I was the one that wrote that.
    Everything there are literally based on me.
    Thanks for this letters.
    It reminds me that I’m not alone.

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