If you could know

If you could know

If you could know

LTME-postYou have no idea about mix in my mind. Like a lazy ocean which change in storm, a balance which is destoryed by suddenly emotion. It was fine for You to broke up and be quiet since year and even more than year.
That was time for me. For my develop, for my success and be “somebody” in my future after study. I have two diplomas i got a job where i am “somebody” and i got next where i will be “somebody” too. I am happy of my life but i never understand one thing…how can You do this? Every time i am changing in the happinest person in the world when You write to me. When my blood flow faster and my heart have attact. When i want to be “nobody” just be with You and enjoy every day.

I’m never gonna let You close to me, even though You mean the most to me because every time I open up, it hurts. So I’m never gonna get too close to You in case You go and leave me in the dirt.

For God of Sun.


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