Will I ever stop loving you?

Will I ever stop loving you?

Will I ever stop loving you?

Hey you,
Where would i possibly start from? i love you? i miss you? or i want you back?
It’s hard to say when i am the one who ended things. You stood by my side, told me everything was gonna be okay, helped me get through my darkest times and taught me how to open up, yet i left you without giving you any reason. that was cruel of me. I didn’t think about your feelings, I didn’t think about how hard it would be for you to let go All the memories we shared, all the laughter, the love, the pain, the tears ,the hugs, the goodbyes, we had. 

How would i possibly have told you that i was scared and that my insecurities were drowning me daily and there were nothing you could do?
i wouldn’t have let you be with a mess that i am, the imperfect person with so many dark times…
i sincerely regret what i did to you and if i’d take it back i’d probably give my life.

I know you’re probably happy now, and you moved on completely, but just know that our beautiful story will remain in my head, in my heart and underneath my skin.

i’ll never thank you enough for the love, friendship, advice and lessons you gave me.
I loved you then, i love you  now and i’ll love you forever baby.


  1. Anon 3 years ago

    You say they helped you open up, become a better version of yourself. I hope you sent them a copy of this, regardless of what you want from them. It’s good to provide closure even if it’s too late.

    Ppl like us protect those we love, we want to see them smile and happy. Unfortunately that same protection instinct causes us to say and do things that will eventually hurt them. Learn from what they taught you, regardless of how hard life can be, let them in.
    Take care xoxo

  2. Monica 3 years ago

    Very sweet letter. I wanted to say a little something to you, As someone who has been on the other side of this. If she was willing to be there through the darkest of times.. Then doesn’t she deserve to know the truth. If you love her… give her a chance to know the facts and to make a choice for herself. Tell her how important she was , even if it doesn’t ultimately work out for you two, because it sounds like she deserves to know that along with all the work and time that she invested, that she is loved and appreciated.

  3. NM 1 year ago

    You should tell her. Sometimes it doesn’t matter how long it has been or how painful it was, or whether she has moved on and is happy, there is a chance she is still waiting for you to come back to her. She may have forgiven you in time, after the pain subsided, because she knew in her heart that you did what you did to protect her because she wouldn’t give up on you.

    Nine years and him having a kid, hasn’t changed how deeply I feel for my ex who was a lot like you. We had a love like no other but external factors intervened, he lost his way and I couldn’t guide him on that journey. It wasn’t good for either of us. I believe we will find each other again, so may she feels the same way about you. If it turns out she doesn’t, then at least you will have an answer and you then can finally close that chapter of your life and move on.

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