Final goodbye

Final goodbye

Final goodbye

I loved you perhaps too easily. Maybe the reason things didn’t workout was my ability to fall in love with you with caution to the wind. No fears no apprehension, no thought of the things that may go wrong. I loved you because of who you were you were funny and smart and unbelievably kind. I loved our friends I loved having you in my life. I helped take care of you when mentally you couldn’t do it yourself.

In multiple years I’ve never loved anyone else the way I loved you. I gave you absolutely everything even after you cheated on me. I was hurt but I loved you so I couldn’t just stop it wasn’t that easy for me and I wish it was. I stayed in contact with our friend C because he became our family and I loved him. He made me feel close to you. As much as I loved him because of you I loved him for how he was. C killed himself and you didn’t even tell me, you waited until 6 months later because you didn’t want to contact me because you had a girlfriend.

You started calling and texting me again maybe because you still love me maybe you never stopped. Slowly that tapered off even though you’d call and ask when you came home would I come back to you or if I could ever love you the way I did when I started. You blocked me because T your girlfriend didn’t like it and you knew you were doing wrong by both of us.

It’s been a few months I still think of you every second. I won’t ever love anyone the way I love and loved you. Although as much as I loved you I hate you I hate what you did to me I hate how easy it was for you. I will never stop loving you and I wish I was with you every minute but I can’t hurt myself the way I have anymore. I have to let you go. I have to relinquish the memories and the thing you gave me. I have to allow myself to move on. Thanks for the memories thank you for allowing me to love you but please never come back because I’ll take you back and it’ll kill me when you decide once again to not love me the way I deserve. 
Goodbye one last time, Love you forever 


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