You were the one I prayed for

You were the one I prayed for

You were the one I prayed for

Hey Y! You were the one I prayed for, yet I wish I never met you. I was content with my single life but you came along, I wish you never did. But you came, and so did the butterflies. It was nice while it lasted. I enjoyed talking to you late at night for hours and I enjoyed going out with you. You were so nice and considerate that you set the bar so fucking high and now no one is able to out compete that. i hate that. I hate that you ended things like you did, you should’ve just done it over text, why were you considerate even then. I hate that you won’t go private on you social media so I won’t see what you’re up to. please do it. i don’t want to see you and be reminded of you. It was nice while it lasted but now the memories are lasting forever. I want to forget you and everything but it is still so fresh in my mind. I hate that we went to my favorite coffee shop and now I can’t even go there without being reminded of you. I hate walking the streets around my apartment and be reminded of our walks. 
You ended us so abruptly and I still have so many questions. But it angers me that you did it at that time. You could have waited a week or two, and I would have been able to handle it better. I hate you for that. Every day I wish you would come back, but from the day you left I knew you would not. My brain knows that but my heart does not want to accept it. I just want to be over you. I don’t want to care if you think about me anymore or not. I just don’t want to think about you anymore.

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  1. Denise 4 months ago

    Beautiful letter.

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