Letter for you

Letter for you

Letter for you

Hello you – person who made me waste years of my life.
I don’t know how i’ve been so naive to believe that you loved me for 4 years without seeing you. You always said you’d travel to see me but never did. Idk why i had hope and held onto you so much. Two weeks after saying “i love you”, you were already commenting flirty things on many girls ig profile. I confronted you but you acted silly and said sorry, that you’d change or whatever.

But it kept happening, not only you were commenting but also inviting them to visit your country so you can meet them. That’s disgusting. For so many years, and i thought i had to change things about myself to make you happy, even when it hurt i didn’t say a word bc i didn’t want you to say again that i’m exaggerating or bringing up the past all the time. You were so arrogant! And i was so silly to believe in you.

What a joke.. a virtual relationship and i believed in it for years!! and after so many breaks you’d come back or i’d come back and try to fix things
.. but you kept going out with other women, inviting them for dinner, flirting with them, and accepting their invitation at midnight in hotels! Wtfffff!! You’re just a piece of shit after all!

When you came back in January saying you wanna be with me seriously and planning to travel to meet me and get married.. you sounded sincere and despite the fact that i didn’t want.. i didn’t want to disappoint you or break your heart. Lol i thought you cared lol! And what, after one month you send me a msg saying that you don’t want to continue, thank you and bye. Few sentences for years of “love”.. that’s what i deserve? and i said with all my heart that i wished you all the best and that you have to believe in yourself and never let anyone make you doubt.. etc etc

I was heartbroken yet gentle as always bc i didn’t want you to be hurt! But thats bc i thought you cared looool  f* you! You were cheating and now you have another girlfriend lol you keep working in different places and making your money and you feel unstoppable.

I wish you well but i also wish that you realize all the bad you did to me and regret it! i regret every second i spent “with you” you dont deserve even an inch of me or a second of my time or a single tear! Stay away from me and live your life and never talk to me, be far away and i want you to know that you’ll never ever have the honor to talk to me or see my face. You can never find someone like me, i loved you genuinely, so supportive, so patient, always with great advice, gifts, time and love. You think you can find better than me ? Never. I taught you so much! But u so arrogant and full of pride!


  1. “Heidi” 1 year ago

    Omg, this really hit home for me😔 it felt like I was reading my own story…. only difference: after 2 years of his empty promises to come visit me, I decided to fly over to his country. We met for example 1 evening and I was finally sure and saw with my 2 eyes that all the negative things about him were true and everything else was a big old lie….. He then tried to meet me again, but I said NO as I had seen and heard enough bs. I enjoyed the rest of my vacation by myself in a foreign country thousands of miles away from home. That whole cost me around 2,5K €, but I knew that I would forever think „what if…“, If we never met IRL. At the end everything was very painful (for him too, as he was crying on the phone and trying to get back etc), but at least I was 💯 sure that I would never look back and have doubts about my decision. He was everything he told me he never was and he hurt me in all the ways he said he never would. Whatever’s good I saw in him, was only made up in my head by him manipulating me into thinking he was this perfect guy for me when in reality he couldn’t be further away from that. Anyways, I have learned my lesson and am still sorting my feelings a year later, but healing does take time. It took him 2 years to completely shatter me into a million pieces and I’m gonna give myself at least as much time to recover. Thanks to him I now suffer from major depression, anxiety, panick attacks and as that wasn’t enough I also now got long covid/ post covid syndrome👍🏼 Oh well, it could be worse right? I truely believe that there is a special place in hell for “men” who break women to the point where they suffer for many years after the break up! Also my most important lesson: never engage into any online conversation with a guy unless he met you IRL max 3 months prior to that. I will never get this emotionally attached to anyone who hasn’t wifed me first. I aint got no time to waste!

    • Author 12 months ago

      Girl i’m so sorry you had to go through all of this too! I wish and hope you’ll recover soon, as women we’re warriors and we have that infinite strength within that makes us back on track and stronger than ever! You’re amazing and i’m sure they’ll eventually regret when it’s too late. Their loss not ours, we gave them too much and they never deserved us. So head up, we’re queens we’re not suffering for dogs

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