The end of us

The end of us

The end of us

From the day that we met all I ever felt was butterflies in my stomach, I thought we had what they call the greatest love. I thought our love was perfect, I thought that our love for each other is sufficient enough to pass through any battles that our relationship will face. But as time goes by so does our relationship. I am slowly recognizing that our once perfect love for each other turned into a chaotic and toxic kind of love. We felt what we needed to feel at first, and that was something that kept our relationship going, and now we are feeling something that would make our relationship tear into part. Regardless how many times we tried to battle that kind of feeling of ours, we can’t no longer deny the fact that it’s time for our relationship to end. It was a hella fun and at the same time chaotic and toxic ride. All I ever wish I’d told was I hope we ended things sooner.

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  1. Anonymous 1 year ago

    Good luck to you, these decisions are never easy. Love if the greatest gift on earth though so if you still love each other, it may be worth fighting for it.

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